Marcia Feller Paintings in the Gallery at Couleur Collection
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New Abstract Paintings
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Coastal Maine
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Celebrating Women in Motion
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About The Artist

I live on an island in Maine. I haven't always been here but I think my soul was born on the Maine coast. Ever since I moved here I have wanted to paint. But for whatever reason, it wasn't until after I opened Couleur Collection, a specialty store which sells art and fashion, that I finally got serious about painting. One of the first artists featured in our store/gallery invited me to her class at a local university. I was hooked. One class led to another. I began painting places I love in Maine. Later, as I began to travel to Italy to buy jewelry and accessories for Couleur Collection, I started to paint what I saw on those trips. Now I try to work 60% and paint 40%. Life is all about balance and I am doing the best I can to integrate my art, my business, my health and my family.

If you happen to visit Maine, please drop by Couleur Collection and say hello. We'd love to meet you. Or, give me a call or email my web site with any questions or comments. Marcia Feller

PS The photo on the page was taken this summer while I was painting in Scotland. I often use my sketchbook on location and make the actual paintings when I return home.


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