Marcia has worked with suppliers from Denmark and around the United States to transform her paintings into wearable art.  The scarves range from $70 to $120. She has produced scarves in silk, silk and wool and silk and cotton combinations.

 Her masks are washable and printed in poly on the outside with a cotton lining and are $20.  The crossbody bag is $65 and the 9 inch all purpose zip bag is $40.  If you would like more information call us at 207-781-2401 or email

Note there are many other paintings made into these products. If you see a painting on my website you can call and see which products are available.  Marcia is in the process of designing even more new products from her paintings.
Little John LightTies That BindTies That BindJoyJoyJoyStonington HarborStonington Harbor 2021JoyStonington Spring FlowersA Lupine MorningA Lupine MorningStonington Along the CoastStonington Cove SunsetStonington Cove Morning LightMarcia’s Face MasksDamariscotta HarborPeaks IslandStonington Along the CoastLobster ShackLittle John LightTulipsSunrise Over PortlandSunrise Over Portland