Stonington Harbor 2021

30 x 30” Mixed Media.  Marcia begins her mixed media process with a giclee on canvas. She then brings it back into the studio and repaints the entire canvas in multiple layers of acrylic and medium. She changes the light, color and mood of the painting.  $1300

A Lupine Morning

Marcia and her husband, Bob spend the third week of June in Stonington, Maine.  It is the classic Maine lobster village.  For over twenty five years, each June they hop into their kayaks to explore the islands off the seaside town.  One of the added joys it that the third week of June is also when the Maine Lupines peak.  It is a glorious show.  Happily on an early morning walk, Marcia captured a photo of this incredible scene.  Think of how lovely it was to paint this during the long Maine winter.   $1800 sold

18 x 36. Acrylic on Canvas Framed.  $1800

Stonington Harbor 2021 Mixed Media Framed

This large 42 x 42” painting is the classic Stonington Maine scene in early morning light.  Marcia’s Mixed Media process begins with a giclee print on canvas. She then takes it back in the studio and spend approximately 40 hours repainting and changing the light, colors and mood.  

Sunrise Over Portland Triptych

Marcia loves triptychs.  As the ferry headed
back from Peaks Island and the East End
landscape unfolded in the spectacular
early morning light, she was captivated.

This triptych is 3 panels each
12 x 36 inches acrylic on canvas
and framed to hang side by side so
one partof the painting moves easily
to the next.  $3600

Sunrise Over Portland Mixed Media

We had a lot of fun taking the original triptych and scanning it back together into a single giclee on canvas. Once I brought it home to my studio I went to work. I remixed all the original colors and repainted the entire surface.  This gives it the texture and feel of the original but at a reduced price.
Mixed Media  36 x 36"  $1300
Mixed Media  24 x 24"  $1000

Sun's Up East End Beach

The sun was up and the sky was blue by 7:30 AM. 
Another beautiful morning in Maine had begun.
Portland and its harbor provide some
of the most breath-taking views but
Marcia is always happiest when she is taking
in the shoreline from the water.

16 x 20 Acrylic on canvas FRAMED - $750

Stonington Along the Coast

24 x 24 Acrylic over Giclee underpainting on canvas in floater frame   $600

Stonington Spring Flowers Giclee on Canvas

This is one of Marcia's favorite paintings.  The original is in a private collection.  It is available currently as a giclee on canvas.
24 x 36" unframed  $650  framed $750
20 x 30" framed  $600

Damariscotta Harbor - 24 x 28 giclee on canvas framed. $750

Several years ago Marcia spent time photographing and painting different harbors on the coast of Maine. She was taking a few painting classes in the area, so late one afternoon she headed down to the Harbor to catch it at sunset. The result is this painting. The original is in a private collection.  

This giclee on canvas is 24 x 28 framed is $750  16 x 20 framed $500

Peaks Island Sunrise

As the ferry arrived at the dock on Peaks Island,
Marcia was filled with wonder. The pink and yellow
light lit up the fall trees at their most beautiful peak
color and the street lights cast a glow on the ferry
dock and on the road up to the island.

 Framed 14 x 28 "  $500  Framed 18 x 36"  $650

5 AM From My Kakat at Coots Island

 Once each summer, we try to get on to the water in our kayaks as the sun comes up.  The colors glowing on the Maine islands are spectacular in early morning.  As we paddled around Coots Island all the leaves were ablaze of color - a truly vibrant red.  A half hour later the red was gone, but I captured the moment in my painting.

Acrylic on Canvas - 20 x 22" in floater frame  $1200


Rockport Harbor, MA 24 x 24 Acrylic on Canvas - $1500

Portland Harbor Sun Still Rising SOLD

As Marcia got off the Peaks Island Ferry and
walked along the walkway, she was delighted
to see the light reflecting on some of the
Portland waterfronts iconic buildings. 
She knew she had to paint it.

It is 24 x 24 Acrylic on canvas FRAMED - $1000

Little Diamond Island at 6:30 AM

Marcia hopped on the Peaks Island Ferry at 5AM
to capture the sun coming up over the islands of
Casco Bay.  It was the peak foliage season and as
the ferry passed Little Diamond Island, the sun was
beginning to rise.
It is  18 x 24 inch, Acrylic on Canvas FRAMED - $900

Lobster Shack

Available 12 x 36 on heavy duty stretchers. $500

Snow Trees $900 SOLD

Price: 900.00 USD
Width: Height: Weight: ( Inches )
Additional Information:

Bob's Shed20 x 28 $250 12 x 16 $175